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Assistant Restaurant Manager Cover Letter

As an Assistant Restaurant Manager you could work in many places including any restaurant, fast food restaurants hotels, any other places that are offering food/drink etc.

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Bank Clerk Cover Letter Example

It is very important to write a covering letter for your job applications as the employers take a look at them before checking out your CVs.

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Delivery Van Driver Cover Letter

Delivery Van Drivers deliver all kinds of goods from flowers to food from the supermarkets. If you have just found a vacancy and wish to apply with a cover letter

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Cover Letter for an Architect

If you are looking for an Architect covering letter example then look no further. You can use following letter for your job applications after amending it as suitable.

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Cover Letter for a Temporary Position

You can use following covering letter example for a Temporary job in the UK. Yopu should amend this example as suitable before sending it to the employers.

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Internship Cover Letter

If you are going to write a covering letter as an Intern and looking for an example Internship cover letter then look no further.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Graphic Design includes a couple of different areas including film, animation work, typography and lettering,

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Job Promotion Cover Letter Example

Being considered for a different job within your company may require you to write a covering letter in order to apply for the position.