Group Interview Thank You Letter Example

If you have just had a group interview for a position that you have applied for and you want to express your thanks and gratitude to the people involved in

Job Interview Follow Up Thank You Note Example

If you have been for an interview and want to say thank you then this is a nice thing to do which also reminds the employer that they interviewed you

Job Offer Acceptance Letter Example

If you have been through a long process of sending your CV or application, then waiting for an interview date and then waiting for news to be told that you

Follow Up Letter Requesting a Second Interview

If you have had a good first interview and want to follow up with the company and show your interest in the role and the position that you have been

Follow-Up Letter to a Job Application

If you have spent time doing an application form and you are desperate to hear from that company then it is very frustrating. It is also worth noting that some

Resignation Letter Example Due to Family Illness

If you are looking to resign from your current position due to family illness then it is important to be clear and truthful with your employers so that they can

Unsatisfactory Work Circumstances Resignation Letter Example

If you are ready to write your resignation letter as you are unhappy with your working circumstances then you need to think carefully how you are going to phrase your

Due to Illness Resignation Letter Example

If you are preparing to hand your resignation in due to illness then this is a very sad and difficult time for you and your employers.