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Cover Letter Examples for 2016

If you are about to apply for a job and in need of a cover letter then check out this page to see our latest covering letter examples in various

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CV Examples for 2016

Writing a CV is the first step of your job hunt. You don’t want to show them a CV which is not very well written.

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Quality Engineer CV Example

Quality Engineer – Automotive: This is a great career if you have a strong interest in engineering, designing, developing, testing and building motor

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Quantity Surveyor CV Example

Quantity Surveyor: Responsible for all cost related calculations and figures for building and civil engineering projects. They are responsible for

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Service Engineer CV Example

Service Engineer – Building: The role of a Building Services Engineer is to take care of the design, installation and maintenance of services that allow

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Staff Nurse CV Example

Staff Nurse: As a Registered Staff Nurse you can work in a hospital, NHS Trusts, Residential homes, Prisons, the Military, Agencies, Health centres,

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Marketing Officer CV Example

Marketing Officer: A marketing officer is usually responsible for promoting the clients or employers products, services or ideas and concepts.

ICT Technician CV Example

ICT Technician: An ICT Technician supports the users of computers with hardware and software problems. If you have an interested in computers and enjoy

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