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Bookkeeper CV Example

Book Keeper: Usually a Bookkeeper will provide support to the Accountant and forms part of the wider Finance Team or Department. A bookkeeper can also work

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Boiler Technician CV Example

Boiler Technician: Boiler Technicians can work in a variety of environments, domestic, large corporate companies in their boiler rooms, power plants or mechanical rooms.

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Economist CV Example

Economist: Economist’s use economical data, theories and knowledge gathered from various sources to analyse, interpret and determine trends, patterns in order

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Merchandiser CV Example

Retail Merchandiser: Merchandisers have a critical role to play within retail and their success is measured and dependent on how effective they are at

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Energy Advisor Cover Letter Example

Energy advisors often work for large energy suppliers, advising customers on how to save on bills and use their energy supplies in more environmentally friendly

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Nurse Manager Cover Letter Example

Nurse Managers are Registered Nurses looking for the next stage in their by managing teams of nursing staff. It is helpful to already have some management

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Quality Engineer Cover Letter Example

Quality engineers work in factories, garages and other production centres ensuring that work is delivered to a high standard and adheres to health and

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Service Engineer Cover Letter Example

Service Engineers are specialists in gas, electricity, phone or internet services and work in people’s homes, in business buildings or out in the road to install,