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Care Coordinator CV Example

A Care Coordinator helps to coordinate the activities and daily life of a home or other environment where people need care, this can be a hospital, children’s home or learning

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Care Worker CV Example

A Care Worker is someone who works in a home providing support to patients in general health and also in wellbeing. Depending on the needs of the patients will determine

Support Worker Job Description

A Support Worker works with children and/or families to support them with practical advice for various situations.

Case Worker Job Description

A Case Worker is somebody who helps people deal with a range of issues, from substance abuse to disability.

Animal Care Worker Job Description

Formal qualifications are not always needed, although some employers may ask for GCSEs to become an Animal Care Worker.

Care Assistant Job Description

A Care Assistant is expected to be friendly and approachable with a good sense of humour, and a lot of patience. A caring nature is essential and the ability to

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Care Assistant CV Example

If you are looking to be a Care Assistant then you will usually have some previous experience or may have done an NVQ qualification in Care.

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Care Home Advocate Cover Letter Example

If you have experience of working in a Care Home or with the Elderly in another setting or centre then this role may be what you are looking for. The

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