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Top Reasons and Tips for Sending a Follow Up Cover Letter

If you have gone to the trouble of writing a good covering letter to go with your CV when you are applying for a job then it is very disappointing

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Top Cover Letter Mistakes That Can Be Avoided

It’s easy to make mistakes and at some point everyone will have made some mistake on a document of any kind. When writing something as important as a covering letter

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Top Reasons Why a Recruiter Won’t Read Your Cover Letter

There are many good reasons why a recruiter won’t read your covering letter but it’s interesting to find out why so that you don’t make that mistake and wait wondering

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Top 10 Tips to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

It is always important to make sure that your cover letter stands out so that recruiters get a brief description of you, enough to make them read your CV with

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Top 7 Cover Letter Tips for 2014

Each passing year brings or takes away something in our life. Have you ever wondered what tips would be useful when writing a cover letter in 2014?

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8 Phrases To Avoid When Writing A Cover Letter

Your cover letter is the introduction to your CV. So…after so much effort has gone into creating your perfect CV, it would be unreasonable to fail on the cover letter!

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Example Cover Letter Format that Gets you an Interview

Your cover letter is just as important, perhaps more so than your CV when applying for a job. This is because your cover letter needs to attract attention and get

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10 Tips to Improve Your Cover Letter and Get Your Application Noticed

Cover letters are essential to securing that all-important interview and if yours isn’t up to scratch, you might as well not bother applying at all! Here are ten top tips