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CV Examples for 2016

Writing a CV is the first step of your job hunt. You don’t want to show them a CV which is not very well written.

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Event Planner CV Example

Event Planner: Mainly responsible for arranging events (business conferences, sales and marketing events, international meetings, office parties etc)

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CV Example for Stay at Home Mom

If you have been at home raising and looking after your family for many years then you may lack self esteem and not think that you can find a job

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CV Example For a Part Time Job

If you are looking for a part time job which fits around commitments you may have or that you want to find a job and do not need to work

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CV Example for 16 Year Olds

If you are 16 and looking for your first job then this will need to fit around your education and what you would like to do when you start a

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Travel Agent CV Example

If you have found a role of a Travel Agent that you are interested in applying for then you will have a keen interest in Travel and enjoy planning holidays

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Graduate CV Examples

If you are in your last year of University and are looking for a Graduate position then you need to make sure your CV reflects all the hard work that

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Student CV Example

If you are currently a student and looking to apply for jobs whilst you study then it is important to show your possible future employers what you are looking to