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Part Time Job Cover Letter Example

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If you are about to apply for a part time job and want to know how best to send your application/CV via email then begin by going through the job advert that you are applying for and your skills and experience then combine this by answering any underlying questions that the job advert asks for. Ensure that as the job is part time that you are able to work the hours that the job is for or the days and that if you are unable to do all the hours or days then you state this within your application but state what other times you could do in case there is some flexibility in the role. If you are looking for help as how to write this covering letter, please see the below example that you can use as a guide. Use this letter sample if you want to [...]

Email Cover Letter Example

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If you are applying for a job via email and want to write a good email to go with your CV then very much like a covering letter you need to make sure that you address it to the correct person […]