Software Developer CV Example

If you are about to apply for the role of Software Developer that you have seen advertised then it is very important to ensure that your CV is up to

Technical Architect CV Example

Technical architects are also known as IT systems architect. If you are in this position then one of your job is to turn client websites into platforms via using PCs,

Technical Architect Cover Letter Example

If you are a Technical Architect looking for a new role or have finished education and want to be a Technical Architect then you always need to ensure you

IT Security Analyst Cover Letter Example

If you are hoping to apply for a job as an IT Security Analyst then you may have studied some kind of computer science related degree at university or

IT Helpdesk CV Example

An IT Helpdesk person provides support of an IT nature over the telephone usually in a call centre type setting where you will spend the bulk of your day on

IT Assistant CV Example

An IT Assistant will provide support to an IT department and do roles such as telephone support, building and setting up computers, setting up new email addresses,

IT Trainer CV Example

If you are a Trainer and also specialised in the IT Sector then it would be good to combine both of these areas to be an IT Trainer. As a

IT Project Manager Cover Letter Example

If you are looking to apply for an IT Project Manager role then you will be experienced in Project Management and IT. You could have just trained, done a degree