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Paralegal CV Example

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A Paralegal person is not as highly qualified as a Solicitor but you will have a good standard of education and knowledge of the legal system. Although paralegals […]

Solicitor CV Example

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If you are a qualified solicitor looking for a new role or partnership in a practice or your first role as a Solicitor after qualifying then you will need to be able to show […]

Barrister CV Example

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To be a qualified Barrister you will need to have completed a degree in Law to learn the basics then specialise through a thorough training course as a Barrister followed […]

Crown Prosecutor Cover Letter Example

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If you are looking to work as a Crown Prosecutor then you will make decisions about whether to bring people to court and how likely they are to succeed in their fight. You must have […]

Barrister Cover Letter Example

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If you are looking to be a Barrister then you will have completed your law degree and also have completed a relevant barrister training course and qualified plus completed the […]

Legal Executive Cover Letter Example

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If you are looking to be a Legal Executive then you will be looking for the next step up from a legal assistant role. You will already have experience of providing administrative and general […]