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Staff Nurse CV Example

Staff Nurse: As a Registered Staff Nurse you can work in a hospital, NHS Trusts, Residential homes, Prisons, the Military, Agencies, Health centres,

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Nurse Manager CV Example

Nurse Manager: The main role of a nurse manager is to oversee the ward, the unit and ensure the nurses take care of a number of patients.

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Registered Nurse CV Example

A registered nurse holds a national licence to work as a nurse and usually works for the council or a professional body requiring this licence.

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School Nurse CV Example

A School nurse is someone who specialises in children’s health working either in a school setting or visits lots of schools. A school nurse will look after children

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Dental Nurse CV Example

A Dental nurse helps and assists a dentist with all aspects of patient care. If you have a keen interest in oral hygiene and health then this could

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General Nurse Cover Letter Example

If you are looking for a General Nurse role then you will have completed your Nursing qualifications and done any further training and relevant work experience to be able to

Registered Nurse Job Description

You will need either a degree in nursing to become a qualified Registered Nurse. You must also be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Dental Nurse Job Description

Many employers will ask for GCSEs in English, Science and Maths, and you will then need to study to become a Dental Nurse on a course approved by the General