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Staff Nurse CV Example

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Staff Nurse: As a Registered Staff Nurse you can work in a hospital, NHS Trusts, Residential homes, Prisons, the Military, Agencies, Health centres, […]

Nurse Manager CV Example

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Nurse Manager: The main role of a nurse manager is to oversee the ward, the unit and ensure the nurses take care of a number of patients. […]

Registered Nurse CV Example

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A registered nurse holds a national licence to work as a nurse and usually works for the council or a professional body requiring this licence. […]

School Nurse CV Example

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A School nurse is someone who specialises in children’s health working either in a school setting or visits lots of schools. A school nurse will look after children […]

Dental Nurse CV Example

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A Dental nurse helps and assists a dentist with all aspects of patient care. If you have a keen interest in oral hygiene and health then this could […]

General Nurse Cover Letter Example

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If you are looking for a General Nurse role then you will have completed your Nursing qualifications and done any further training and relevant work experience to be able to apply […]