Cover Letter Examples 2013

Writing a good covering letter is vital to accompany your job application. We are listing lots of examples of these letters on so you can take a look and write your own one easily.
These days job applications are often online, particularly for the larger companies, however many employers are still asking you to write a covering letter during the application process.

Ensure your cover letter does not simply relist your CV or resume. Instead it should highlight the particular skills sets that you have which match those required for the job.

Your cover letter should not be too long as the vital information will only get ignored or forgotten if the letter drags on (imagine having to read 100 application letters!). You should include a paragraph stating why you would be an excellent candidate for the position, perhaps highlighting particular skills, experience or attitude, and another paragraph as to why you want to work for that company. Perhaps you’ve had a good experience with them, or their website or research is something which is particularly interesting to you.

Write a different letter for each job application, don’t just send out the same one to each prospective employer. Every job requires different skills and attributes and you should tailor your letter to highlight the most important elements for that job role. It is useful to use the job description and pick out key words to reuse in your covering letter as this will allow the employer to quickly assess your suitability and hopefully put your application in the ‘yes’ pile.

Always finish your covering letter with a thank you, and providing information as to your availability for an interview. And don’t forget to include your contact details!

Cover Letter Examples 2013

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