Cover Letter for a System Administrator

If you are interested in working as an IT Systems Administrator then you will be very keen on IT and have a good understanding of systems and how the IT process works. As a system administrator you will be experienced in running the system that a company uses which will include any databases, software, any systems of booking or anything that they may need and you will be required to ensure that this is all running smoothly and efficiently.

You will need to be a technically minded person with good organisational skills and the ability to be able to think through things in a logical fashion and be able to talk to people about technical matters in a non technical way so that they understand.

If you have found a role you are keen to apply for, please see the below covering letter example which you can use as a guide when writing yours.

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Jane Brown

101 Any Road, Every Town, XX1 1YY

Mr John Smith
ABC Company
All Streets
Any Town


Dear Mr Smith

Position of System Administrator

I enclose my CV in relation to the above post as I am really interested in working for your company.

I have a degree in information technology and eight years of experience of developing, installing and maintaining computer systems, including local area networks, wide area networks, network segments, intranet systems and internet systems. I have excellent troubleshooting and evaluation skills and have been given increasingly complex systems to manage as my experience has grown.

I am able to explain technical terms in easy to understand language and have also trained IT staff with less experience in the past. I am very well organised and proficient at managing multiple demands without compromising service standards. I can bring enthusiasm, dedication and patience to this role and feel sure that I can contribute significantly to the success of the company.

I am keen to discuss my qualities in greater detail at interview and can be contacted on (phone number) or (e-mail address).

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Jane Brown

System Administrator cover letter example

System Administrator cover letter example

Good luck!

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