How You Should Be Writing Your Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is something that can be quite difficult without any professional help. With a few pieces of information, however, writing a cover letter can become a breeze as it’s just a matter of getting the style and the tone right. Get the right things in there and that specific format can work in any industry in the country.

A Few Tips for Letter Writing

Never write down that a CV or a resume is enclosed. In fact, avoid the common “I’m writing…” sentence as it’s superfluous and serves no purpose. Moreover, it’s an insult to the employer’s intelligence as they can obviously see what’s included and that the person is writing a cover letter.
Make it just as much about the company as it is about the candidate. Settling on just one can miss out on those vital pieces of information that’s going to separate one candidate from another.
Take into account any specific formats or templates that the company wants applicants to use. Failure to follow these guidelines could lead to a binned application, no matter how good it happens to be.

The Winning Cover Letter

This cover letter sample is for an applicant who is applying to work in a standard office environment where they may be selling insurance, handling a loan company’s clients, or acting as a secretary for a company executive. Take note that the letter is going to be quite general and thus won’t suit companies who demand specific formats, but it’s a good starting point in terms of style, tone, and what should be being written.

Here is an example of general covering letter:

good cover letter example

Dear Mr. Brown,

I’m particularly interested in the position of executive secretary that was being offered by Browns Ltd. in the Daily Scoop job section. I believe that the position relates strongly to my 20 years experience of being a secretary and I’m pleased to inform you that I’m free to start at any time.

My desire to work with Browns Ltd. comes with the company’s commitment to maintaining high employee standards, which was reinforced to me through the organisation’s award last year. It’s also an industry that particularly interests me as I believe that providing affordable insurance is something that can really help enhance people’s lives.

I fully understand the needs and requirements of the position, and that’s another reason why I have applied for this job as my experience has enabled me to fulfil them all. In my previous roles I’ve been known as somebody who is proficient in multitasking, is able to take and understand orders the first time they are given, as well as having a friendly and approachable manner. Those, I believe, are the qualities that are needed to be a professional and diligent secretary.

Thank you for reading and considering my application for my role as executive secretary. I look forward to speaking to you further about this job opportunity.

Yours sincerely

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