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The cover letter is an essential tool for impressing a potential employer and getting that dream job. Not all jobs have it always stipulated that a cover letter needs to be sent alongside the application, but things have changed and as the jobs market becomes ever more competitive many employers are now only accepting applications with these letters. The good news is that writing one isn’t rocket science. Anybody can get the cover letter that can show them in their most positive of lights whilst delighting the person reading it.

What is a Cover Letter?

The cover letter is a formal letter that goes alongside the CV when a job is applied for. This will be the first thing that the reader touches and that’s why it’s crucial that the right impression is made as it will influence everything that comes after it.

A CV is a rigid structure where qualifications, goals, and previous work experience will be noted down. It doesn’t really allow the applicant to get their personal image through. It’s no good if the person in question has a charismatic aura surrounding them because this can’t show through in a CV. The cover letter is the place where just a little hint of personality can be infused into the application, and that can turn out to be the defining factor when the time comes for deciding who should be offered an interview and who should not.

Hidden Benefits

Take note of the following hidden benefits that may not seem obvious when first attempting to write a cover letter.

Provides space for adding additional information about the applicant.
Demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for the role.
Impress upon the employer the view that research on the brand and the job role has been carried out.
Leave a specific space for the unique selling point that separates this applicant from every other applicant.

The Keys to an Impactful Covering Letter

When writing a covering letter the main thing to keep in mind is that it should be positive. The employer is looking for the employee who is enthusiastic, has a ‘can-do’ attitude, and is always optimistic and ready to go. Discussing how a previous employer was flawed and how they created a toxic workplace is not the way to go. Good things will ultimately get the job.

Don’t just make it all about the applicant. Part of the letter should be dedicated to the employee. Mentioning a product or a newly released brand is a fantastic way to demonstrate awareness of the job role and the company that they are applying to work with. Too much self-promotion is the way to come off as arrogant and self-absorbed. It can even demonstrate a lack of a personal touch for the person reading it.

Finally, keep it short. Covering letters that are too long are boring and it’s unlikely that the whole thing is going to be read. If the text itself takes up a whole page then even that is too much. Stay short. Stay concise.

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